I didn’t get any pictures because I was near all the stalkers and they’re like super pushy and rude and i didn’t want to start a fight but I gave Ashton my letter and then security pushed me away and he looked kinda sad but omg baby i love him so much i cried after he left bc i couldn’t get a selfie…


I am also extremely happy because I worked really hard to meet them so that I could get my two friends who have never met them to meet them and they got selfies with their sunshines so that’s what matters.


we were like the only fans they stopped for in NYC this whole week

today show week, should be fun i got fan passes and cried so wish me luck haha

dear dallas and st. louis 5sosfam,

i am so so so so so sorry, i wish there was something i could do :(



heartstarsandperspective: You are pretty amazing. I hope you know that.

I’m working on knowing that, but thank you, just trying to help :) 

heartstarsandperspective: It may be a while before I can think if those five things, but thank you. I will save it until I can complete it.

take your time, as long as you can do it eventually, i think thats what really matters

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